Please read “Narrative ADV” the firm’s Part 2A of Form ADV. Fee schedule also available to download as a PDF: Fee Schedule

Financial Planning Services, Inc.

Primary Address:
Holly K. Nicholson, CFP, JD
185 Wind Chime Ct. #203
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 676-2806
(919) 848-4310 (fax)

Summary of Fee Schedules.

Advisory Services and Fees
Financial Planning Services, Inc. (“FPS”) provides the client with comprehensive financial planning services including, but not limited to: taxes, estate planning, insurance, business planning, retirement planning, personal investments, financing options, cash flow, company benefits and any other financial aspects of their lives. A written plan is presented to show the client their current situation, their goals and objectives and various alternatives to reach their goals.The comprehensive financial planning fee is based on the client’s current income and net worth. The fee range is $2,500 to $15,000 and is negotiable depending on the scope of work.

The Fee will be payable at $500 upon signing of the contract and the remainder upon deliver of the written plan.

Hourly Arrangement:
Alternatively, FPS will work with clients on an hourly basis for specific financial planning issues (other than portfolio development/analysis), where the client chooses not to engage FPS for a complete financial plan. Hourly fee is $250/ hour.

Portfolio Review & Analysis:
Fees for portfolio development and analysis are based on fair market value of investment account. Accounts less than $250,000 will be charged a flat fee of $1,250. Accounts valued at $250,000 and over will be charged 50% of the annual fee per investment advisory fee schedule below. A portion of this fee may be applied toward the management fee if the client hires applicant to manage the account.

Investment Management Services
Investment Management Services are also offered by FPS. Fees are payable quarterly. Fees are based on fair market value of account, adjusted for cash flows.